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Gobblers Knob ♦︎

Difficulty: Most Difficult ♦︎

Length: 9 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 3,200 feet

Dog Friendly: No

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.6493, -111.6618

Directions: Park in the small Butler Fork trailhead lot on the North side of Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. Hike up the Butler Fork Trail for about 0.5 miles, then turn left at the first fork onto Mill A Basin Trail. At the second fork, keep right on the same trail. At the third fork, about 1.5 miles in, take a left onto Desolation Trail and continue all the way to the ridge. Turn right at the ridge for Gobbler's Knob, and continue along the ridge for about a mile, passing over the false summits, all the way to the top.

A beautiful trail with very little traffic and a lot of elevation gain, Gobbler's Knob is a great way to spend a day. The first section of the trail is nicely shaded, well-marked and not technical. From the ridge you can gaze down into neighboring Millcreek Canyon and up at Mount Raymond. I recommend summiting both on the same dayRaymond's summit is only about a mile from the shared ridge. Things become a bit steeper and rockier after turning right at the ridge, but no climbing is involved. The top section is exposed and takes you over a few false summits, so once you reach the 10,246-foot summit, you'll be ready to relax and enjoy the sights over the Salt Lake Valley and Big Cottonwood Canyon. Remember to leave the dogs at home today, they are not allowed in this watershed.

Gobblers Knob hike Utah
view from Gobblers Knob
Gobblers Knob hike in fall
Gobblers Knob ridge


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