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Grandaddy Lake (backpacking) ◼︎

Difficulty: Moderate ◼︎

Length: 7.5 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 1,300 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.5672, -110.8256

Directions: The trailhead is about two hours from Park City. Enter the Uintas via Woodland and remain on SR 35 for 32 miles. At Hanna, turn left onto North Fork Road, then right onto Grandview Trailhead Road. You will find the parking lot and trailhead at the road's end, and the trail is easy to follow from here. Remember to bring $6 of cash or a check. You will need to get a self-serve 1-3 day recreation pass (best to do this when you enter the forest at one of the roadside areas).

The perfect intro to backpacking, Grandaddy Lake is just flat enough and just short enough to be relaxing and truly enjoyable, even with a heavy pack. The rocky path weaves past a stream and patches of wildflowers before opening up into the lake basin. Grandaddy is neighbored by dozens if not hundreds of smaller lakes. Hike up to one of the surrounding peaks to enjoy a bird's-eye view, try your luck at fly fishing, or wander the basin the options are endless. Just remember to camp at least 200 feet from all lakes and streams, prepare for all types of weather (it changes quickly and drastically out here) and bring plenty of bug spray.

Grandaddy Lake Utah
Grandaddy Lake hike Utah
Grandaddy Lake trail Utah


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