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Neff's Canyon ♦︎

Difficulty: Most Difficult ♦︎

Length: 6.5 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 3,100 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.6775, -111.7762

Directions: Follow the coordinates through the residential area to the parking lot. Start off on the wide trail between the signs, and follow it to the top. Be sure not to start out down in the trees, below the wider path. Trails are plentiful there, and it is easy to get lost or turned around in all of the trees.

Located between Millcreek and Big Cottonwood, Neff's Canyon is a dog-friendly, lesser-traveled option in the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area. The first mile of Neff's Canyon is exposed, fairly flat, and sees the most traffic. The crowds will thin out once you get into the shaded area, where the trail runs parallel to a creek, on the Northern side. You will gain elevation quickly for the remainder of the hike the only difficult thing about this trail is the incline. Pay extra close attention around the end of the first mile, where a stream/small waterfall crosses the trail. You must cross over the stream, the trail continues on the other side. Do not switch back uphill to your right, where there appears to be another trail this will get you lost in the weeds on the wrong side of the ravine. The trail enters a meadow about 0.5 miles from the top. At this point, the trail becomes overgrown and hard to follow. It is best to end your hike here to avoid bushwhacking and trail-finding your way to the top, especially considering that the view diminishes from here on out.

Neff's Canyon view Utah
Neff's Canyon mountain view Utah
Neff's Canyon aspen grove Utah


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