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Peruvian Gulch ♦︎

Difficulty: Most Difficult ♦︎

Length: 4.1 miles one way (8.2 if you choose not to ride the tram down)

Elevation Gain: 2,800 feet

Dog Friendly: No

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.5819, -111.6507

Directions: Follow the coordinates up Little Cottonwood Canyon to East Bypass Road, passing Snowbird's Cliff Lodge. Upon arriving at the coordinates, you will see dozens of parking stalls along the edge of the curved road. Park here and follow the Blackjack Trail up Peruvian Gulch and then along the ridge to the top of the Aerial Tram.

The journey up to the Aerial Tram will take you across a rocky slope, through a meadow, and along the top of Peruvian Ridge. A few uphill tram riders may wave at you along the way, but other than that this trail tends to be fairly quiet for how incredible it is. The first mile takes you up the rocky bottom of the ski resort, and is the hardest part. The incline gets easier once you cross the small bridge, and the views start to improve exponentially. You'll be enjoying the free tram ride back to the base before you know it. If you're still full of energy by the time you reach the top, continue on to American Fork Twin Peaks to stand atop the highest point in Salt Lake County. Note: dogs are not allowed in Little Cottonwood, so they'll need to sit this one out.

Peruvian Gulch hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Peruvian Gulch hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Peruvian Gulch in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah


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