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Delta Lake (Grand Teton NP, WY) ♦︎

Difficulty: Most Difficult ♦︎

Length: 9 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 2,500 feet

Dog Friendly: No

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 43.7346, -110.7415

Directions: At the South end of Jenny Lake, turn off of Teton Park Road onto Lupine Meadows Road and follow it to the end, where you will find a parking area. This hike is in a national park, so you will need to purchase a pass for $35. The trailhead is visible from the parking area, past the bathrooms. Delta Lake is on the map at the trailhead, but signs along the way do not mention it. Follow the Amphitheater Lake Trail up to where it meets the Garnet Canyon Trail. At this point, keep going straight on Amphitheater until you meet the next switchback. At this next switchback corner, rather than turning, peek over the edge. It's easy to miss, but there is a 'staircase' heading downfollow it. You will soon reach a bouldery area, where you can follow the cairns up the mountain until you reach the lake. Don't worry if you can't see it yet, the lake won't be visible until you get there.

Truly a beautiful hike from start to finish, Delta Lake is one you must do on your next Teton trip. Much more serene than some of the more easily accessible lakes, this 9,016-footer is a good one to do in the morning or early afternoon, before the sun dips behind the towering mountains above it (which happens at least two hours before sunset). If you're feeling hot and sweaty by the end (the trail is fairly steep), I dare you to take a dip. Just consider yourself warnedthe water is barely above freezing.

Delta Lake, Tetons, Wyoming
Delta Lake hike Tetons, Wyoming


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