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Ecker Hill ◉

Difficulty: Beginner

Length: 2.7 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 700 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.7461, -111.5734

Directions: Park at Pinebrook Park and walk up the Alf Engen Trail, following signs along the way. Near the top, turn left at the sign for Elk Forest Trail, which wraps around the hill past the old Rasmussen Ski Ranch before leading up to the top. Note: Pinebrook area parks and trails are intended for use by Pinebrook Master Association members and invited guests only.

The perfect way to get the kids on the trail or fit your 10,000 steps in, Ecker Hill is a nice and easy hike that everyone can enjoy. The trail switches back and forth up the North side of the hill, lined with bright colors in the fall and offering views over Jeremy Ranch and beyond. On the final stretch to the top, a small sign shares a tidbit of lesser-known Park City history, marking the location of the old Rasmussen Ski Ranch. The trail passes by remnants of a 1940s-era tow rope before opening up at a bare summit marked by an American flag. Enjoy panoramic views from the top before making the trip back down.

Ecker Hill
Alf Engen trail Park City
Alf Engen Trail
Ecker Hill, Park City
Ecker Hill, Park City


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