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Legacy Ridge ◉

Difficulty: Beginner

Length: 5 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 800 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.7163, -111.5531

Directions: The trail starts from the Run-a-Muk Dog Park on Olympic Parkway, leading up to the UOP. There is a small parking lot at Run-a-Muk. If the lot is full, additional parking is available at the RTS trailhead across the street. Pass through the two gates into dog park and turn right onto the well-defined path, continuing for 0.5 miles until a narrower dirt path appears on your right. Follow this trail uphill into the trees, all the way to the gate that marks the end of the off-leash zone. From here, head left onto Iron Bill, turning uphill to the right at the sign for Legacy Loop.

A unique trail that enjoys nice views over the Snyderville Basin as it climbs up the Eastern side of Utah Olympic Park, the hike to Legacy Ridge fits well into a tighter schedule. This trail has a somewhat unconventional start that may feel a bit strange for those hiking sans-canine, but is a superior option to neighboring RTS trail, which is designed for biking. Starting out on the Happy Puppy path, you will meet some nice dogs and their owners enjoying the park. Around the 0.5 mile mark, turn right onto the Up Dog hiking-only trail, which leads uphill into a more densely wooded area. Don't fret if you miss this trail entrance—another 0.1 miles will bring you to the back fence, where a path follows the fence line and connects to Up Dog. Though still part of the dog park, this section is much quieter as most pups and their people stick to the main path. A few mild switchbacks will bring you to a steeper section lined by two fences, where some makeshift stairs have been constructed out of large rocks. At the top of this climb, head left out of the gate onto Iron Bill, and keep an eye out for mountain bikers as you follow a few more switchbacks up to the sign for Legacy Loop, which you will follow. Because the summit itself has less impressive views compared to the climb, make a loop at the top by staying on the lower of the two trails at the next fork you come to. This trail wraps around the back of the hill before reaching the Legacy Ridge sign after another 0.25 miles. Take Legacy Ridge up and over the top of the hill, and a right at the next sign (again for Legacy Loop) will lead you right back to Iron Bill.

Iron Bill trail, Park City
Legacy Ridge hike, Park City
Utah Olympic Park hike, Park City
Up Dog trail, Park City
Up Dog trail, Park City

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Jun 02, 2021

I love the detail! Will be hiking this when I get back to PC!

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