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Toll Canyon ◼︎

Difficulty: Moderate ◼︎

Length: 8 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 1,400 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.7405, -111.5943

Directions: To reach the trailhead, you will need to park and walk down a gated dirt road. Park near the coordinates on Pine Ridge Drive in Upper Pinebrook, and walk down the small street to the dirt road (Toll Road). Follow Toll Road to the trailhead, where there is a large sign. There is another access point from St. Moritz Terrace in Summit Park, at 40.7417, -111.6013. Both of these access points are located in residential areas and parking is very limited, so park respectfully and only where allowed.

The most untouched and serene place in all of Park City, Toll Canyon is beautiful any time of year. The trail becomes more difficult to navigate higher up during the winter months, but there is no rule saying that you have to get all the way to the top. With a gentle creek, plenty of shade and no development to be found, Toll Canyon is incredibly peaceful and home to all kinds of wildlife. The trail is narrow at times through the denser forest areas but still defined. Once you near the end, you'll be able to look down into neighboring Lambs Canyon, where a few summer cottages are located. To add about 2 miles to the trip, continue all the way up the path to the top of Murdock Peak, which looms over this canyon from 9,602 feet (shown in photos below).

Murdock Peak from Toll Canyon
Toll Canyon trail
Toll Canyon Park City, Utah
Murdock Peak from Toll Canyon
Toll Canyon in fall
Murdock Peak from Toll Canyon in fall
Toll Canyon in winter
Park City moose


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