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Hunter's Trail ◼︎

Difficulty: Moderate ◼︎

Length: 12 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 1,500 feet

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trailhead coordinates (copy + paste): 40.6994, -111.5663 (Rob's Trailhead)

Directions: This trail has no public access points, so in order to reach it you'll have to hike in from another trail, the most direct option being Rob's. From the top of Rob's, head straight through the multi-trail intersection onto Ambush, which takes a sharp left turn just past the intersection. Another 0.5 miles will bring you to a fork, with Mid-Mountain heading left, and Hunter's Trail heading right.

Hunter's Trail is an obvious favorite for two big reasons: the gorgeous views over untouched Toll Canyon, and the serenitythis is not a busy trail, you may go a whole afternoon here without seeing a soul. For this reason some sections can be overgrown, but not to the point that it hinders travel. Beginning with wide open views of the saddle above the Utah Olympic Park, the trail then becomes protected and shaded for a stretch as it follows the curve of the mountain towards Pinebrook. A short while later, you will reach a ridge with huge views reaching from the bottom of Toll Canyon all the way up to Murdock Peak, which is a great place to sit for a while and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. This dry and exposed area is ideal terrain for the Sego Lily, Utah's state flower, so keep an eye out. From the ridge you can continue down the windy trail through the trees towards Pinebrook and enjoy additional views over Toll Canyon, before turning around and heading back the way you came.

Hunter's Trail in Park City, Utah
view of Toll Canyon from Hunter's Trail in Park City, Utah
Hunter's Trail in Park City, Utah
Hunter's Trail during fall in Park City, Utah
view of Toll Canyon from Hunter's Trail in Park City, Utah


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